Two gay pride flags were taken from a local church within two weeks. 

The Feeding Hills Congregational Church is looking at this incident as a blessing. 

Right outside the Feeding Hills church once hung a banner and a flag. 

The banner hung for all to see at the front doors of the church so those in the LGBTQ community and their allies can feel welcome. 

The church refers to themselves as open and affirming.

"We’re not interested in changing sexual orientation or presentation. We figure that’s how god made you, we’re happy to have you here," said Rev. Rob Donaldson. 

But when the flag and banner were stolen within days of each other, Rev. Donaldson said his proud church looked bare. 

"This is not going to slow us down one bit. It kind of turned into a happy thing for us in one way because we had no idea we had so much support," he continued.

Rev. Donaldson said they've received so much support that they already have plans to move forward to replace what's been taken.

"One person came forward and said, I want to cover the cost of a new banner and a new flag, so I said works for me. The blessings are coming down," he added.

Soon the church will have a new banner a little higher up so its harder to vandalize.

Rev. Donaldson said he's just surprised that on such a busy street no one driving by saw anything and reported it to police.

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Feeding Hills Congregational Church, United Church of Christ is a progressive, Open and Affirming, small, and friendly congregation, located at 21 North Westfield Street. Sunday worship is at 10:00 a.m. Elementary aged children are dismissed to Sunday School at 10:15. Childcare is available for infants and toddlers at the parents’ discretion. We are handicapped-accessible. A refreshment hour follows worship, giving everyone a chance to mingle and meet each other and the pastor, the Rev. Rob Donaldson, who has served with us since 1994. We welcome all people whether you are a life-long Christian or someone who simply wants to explore what a liberal congregation is like.