Worship Schedule for April - May 2018


Easter 10:00 a.m. – April 1
Scripture:  Luke 23:54 – 24:11
Sermon:  “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”
Theme:  Denial doesn’t change reality

Second Sunday of Easter – April 8
Scripture:  Luke 24:13-32
Sermon:  “Rising Above It All Has to Start Somewhere”
Theme:  Changing what we can perceive is a process:
Refreshments: potluck followed by all church Council meeting

Third Sunday of Easter – April 15
Scripture:  Luke 24:33-49
Sermon:  Simon Says
Theme:  Resurrection doesn’t happen without first hitting bottom

Fourth Sunday of Easter – April 22
Rev. Rob on vacation

Fifth Sunday of Easter – April 29
Scripture:  John 21:1-14
Sermon:  “Abundant Lifen Anyone?”
Theme:  First we take action, then we see God’s promises fulfilled

Worship Schedule for May 2018

Sixth Sunday in Easter – May 6 – paraments - white
Scripture:  Acts 10:44-48
Sermon:  “Chosen People?”
Lector:  Sandi Sherry Pitzer
Greeters:  Sharon Rozanski & Sue Strycharz
Communion:  Open at time of writing
Refreshments:  Open at time of writing
Theme:  A God for everyone

Seventh Sunday in Easter – May 13 – paraments - white
Scripture:  Leviticus 19:1-4, 26-31;
                   Acts 1:15-26
Sermon:  “Who Counts?”
Lector:  Sue Boisvert
Greeters:   Sandi Sherry Pitzer and David Pitzer
Refreshments:  Betty Knapik

Pentecost Sunday – Confirmation Sunday – May 20 – paraments – red
Scripture:  readings will be based on Confirmands’ thoughts
Lector:  Confirmands
Greeters:  Tim and Amanda Rogers
Refreshments:  Pot Luck Luncheon following service

First Sunday after Pentecost – May 27 – paraments – green
Scripture:  Ezekiel 37:1-14
Sermon:  “Dry Bones and Empires”
Lector:  Matthew Granger
Greeters:  Jeff and Linda Heinze
Refreshments:  Mimi, Mikki, & Lilly
Theme:  Living into God’s call