Back to School

Back to School

In colonial Massachusetts, no one would have expected school to be in session when the children’s help was needed on the family farm. Even church calendars are pruned back in the summer, with educational activities generally on hiatus. Much has changed in the last 300 years, but our calendar is more or less frozen in time. Now our children are kept busy with playing games rather than with working the fields, but when September rolls around, it’s back to school time, both at church and in the K-12 and college systems.

Our Spong Study Group continued more or less regularly throughout the summer. It is shifting location back to the church on Tuesday mornings at 10:00. We are currently reading Born of a Woman, Spong’s examination of the development of the origins of the various stories surrounding the birth of Jesus.

There is another book study, currently focusing on Bill Easum’s Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers. This book is an examination of the possibilities that exist once we de-emphasize church bureaucracy. That group has yet to establish its fall schedule, but it should be programmed and placed on the web site very soon.

Last year, there was dwindling attendance at the Sunday morning Bible study led by Jeff Heinze at 9:00. The hope is that this group will revitalize itself when the calendar turns the page. However, if

there is interest in meeting at an alternative time, it would certainly be good to let church leadership know what might work, since everyone should be familiar with biblical basics.

Christian education for children will be offered at the traditional time after Children’s Moment on Sunday mornings. There will be occasional educational events featuring speakers and/or video presentations throughout the year. Then of course, there is Super Saturday, an educational opportunity offered by the Massachusetts Conference. This is a day of workshops, presentations by a nationally known keynote speaker, and typically inspiring worship. There is a page devoted to this event elsewhere in our newsletter.

Finally – if there is an educational area you wish the church would cover, by all means, please let your Pastor or Council members know. Alternatively, if you would like to offer a program of study, please run it by your leadership so we can coordinate the calendar.

Yes, autumn is upon us once again. What better time to add to your understanding of biblical and ecclesiastical information and how it connects to our everyday lives? Summer frivolity is great for the summer. It’s time to dig into a good class or book now that September is back. Let’s make it so!

Rev. Rob